New Discoveries

21 10 2008

Discovery 1: I’m probably all late with this, but I just discovered Pandora. Customized radio with no commercials? It is pretty freaking VONDERFUL. My radio station is currently set to John Mayer style. I am pleased with the selección of música! Trying not to download any more illegal music, but not ready to let go of my entire music library just yet. Hopefully Pandora will help make the transition easier.





Discovery 2 = HEALTHY CHIPS! For all those health conscious peeps, has anyone ever heard of the brand “Flat Earth”? They’re affiliated with Frito Lay and came out with chips that are actually good for you and taste really good! Well I guess not super good for you, but apparently they’re healthier than other veggie chips and such. Y’all can read up here. The only kind of tried really is the Tangy Tomato Ranch flavor. They have other ones but some of them sound kinda funky like, “wild berry patch” and “peach mango paradise”. Don’t know how I feel about fruit flavored chips but maybe tastier than I think?


Discovery 3: My Mom is a Fob. Hahaha this is one of the cutest sites. I was also surprised to see that there are moms that are more extreme about the sun than mine. Where do they even sell arm sheaths like these?? Hahaha this one made me crack up:

  • Mom: Have you talked to your brother lately? Is he ok?
  • Sister: I think so, I talked to him online the other day. He seems fine.
  • Mom: Oh really? He e-mailed me and said he’s chilling.
  • Sister: Uhh… yah, he’s “chilling” you know, relaxing?
  • Mom: Oh you mean he’s not sick? He’s not cold?

and this one: “sno storm tonite dont get too drunk and die on the street.


hahaha. sometimes I wish my mom wuj more pob.

Discovery 4: I have an exam tomorrow that I didn’t know about till yesterday and an hour long presentation tomorrow that I must also prepare for. Me fail :O(


Driving Etiquette

12 10 2008

I don’t really consider myself someone with a lot of road rage, but there are some things that piss me off. One is when people don’t signal and end up cutting you off AND don’t even bother to raise their hand as a signal of “thank you!/I’m sorry!”. Seriously, for me, all I need is the hand raise. Just raise your hand and I will forgive the fact that you almost killed me for failing to show the direction you intended to go and instead RUDELY CUT ME OFF BUT THANK GOD I HAVE FAST REFLEXES AND AVOIDED YOUR STUPIDITY.

HAH ok sorry that’s my angry rant of the day.

Today I took Daisy out for her walk again and ended up bumping into some of the other neighbors as I usually do. I’ve met a lot of my neighbors that I would never talk to if we hadn’t gotten Daisy and bump into them pretty frequently now. One thing I realized though is that none of them (minus my next door neighbors) have ever asked me what I’m doing right now. I’m pretty sure they know that I’ve been living there and that I’m not in high school or middle school, so it makes me wonder whether they think I’m just a scrub livin’ in my parents house after graduation with a really cute puppy. I hope not, but then again, why should I care right? I guess I haven’t really asked them what they do either, but I feel like that would be an inappropriate question for me to ask. I know that most of the women are housewives, but I feel like being the older peeps, they should be able to ask me what I’m doing. Right? Meh.

I’m also paranoid about Daisy smell. Daisy’s smell is not terribly strong, but it’s also not entirely pleasant about a week after I’ve bathed her. I think I’ve gotten more used to it since I’m around her most of the time, but it makes me wonder whether I’m starting to smell like her. I’m paranoid b/c one of my friends who used to have a dog constantly WREAKED of her dog’s smell. Dog was adorable. Friend was awesome. Smell was intolerable. I didn’t want to be rude so I only mentioned it once and other times I just didn’t breathe through my nose when I was around her. :/

Please tell me if I begin to smell like doggie.

Oh and this is what I saw on the stop sign in my neighborhood as I drove out today:


7 10 2008


I want to do too many things.


Stolen from Jeanette. Bein in Flo Rida\’s posse

Failin’ Palin

3 10 2008

It is pretty scary how similar these videos are…

to this one…

1 10 2008


12 09 2008

Oops. Being the idiot I am accidently deleted my first post. Seriously I don’t know what’s up with me these days. My mind keeps randomly drawing blanks with simple things. Like one thing, I can’t remember people’s names this semester for some reason for the life of me. I find myself walking around Van Munching, sometimes pretty much hiding from people because I met them last semester and don’t remember their names at all. Being the queen of embarrassing moments of course, I kicked off the first day of the semester last week with yet another awkward moment.

So it’s break time during my corporate tax class. My friend Safa and I decide to just take a walk down the hallway and back and on the way back see my other friend Rob and his friend (we’ll call him Bob). Now, I met Bob last semester a few times and for some reason I just can’t remember his name every time I see him. The second time we met each other he said something and I responded, calling him by the wrong name but I think it was close enough that he just brushed it off, or just ignored it. Anyway, so we approach Rob and Bob and I completely forget that I don’t even remember Bob’s name and start going, “Hey! This is my friend Safa!”


Immediately after I said that I realized that I didn’t even remember Bob’s name so I couldn’t introduce him and of course being the idiot I am I just freeze and stay silent. My mind is scrambling, desperately trying to remember Bob’s name and every second that passes I’m just thinking like, “WHAT THE CRAP WHY CAN’T I REMEMBER WEOFIJWEOIFJWEG”. I’m sure it was only a few seconds, but it seriously felt like a few hours. Luckily Bob broke the silence and just introduced himself and inside I just wanted to punch myself in the face for not remembering. One thing I know for sure though now is that I will never forget his name. This is like the third time this has happened to me. Woe is me.

On to happier news. Daisy is now rabies vaccinated! Yay! She’s also getting better at “Come” and “Sit” and I’m trying to teach her “roll over” but she doesn’t seem to like rolling over… I’m also trying to teach her paw but I think she just gets really confused. Trying to socialize her more too with the other dogs in the neighborhood. Right now she just barks at anyone she doesn’t know. We met two shih-chons today and they were the friendliest things but she just kept barking and when I brought her close she started trembling like crazy. It’s ’cause she so yiddle (Jon and Kate Plus Eight reference!).

Anyway, I leave y’all with some more pictures of my bebe. DAISYYY <33


10 09 2008

Being the merciful master that I am, I have decided to start this page at the request of my slave Jonaddong. Here he is:



 AH yes, classic picture of slave in his favorite position. More to come luego.