Intellectually stimulating conversations during work

14 09 2010


Calvin: no snacks = skinny katie

me: :O

Calvin: is that a nose or a mouth?
me: a MOUTH
Calvin: you always use that a nose
that’s better
me: HAHA that loks funny
lesss dramatic tho
than :O
Calvin: :0O
i like the 0 better
nose isn’t as big
me: i like big nose
Calvin: you like guys with big noses?
me: no
i like emoticons with big noses
Calvin: why is that?
im trying to think about your nose
and if it’s big
me: i dont kno i think it’s cute
my nose is medium
Calvin: HAHA
this convo is awesome
why are we so awesome?
me: i wonder the same thing
Calvin: and have such awesme convos?
i’ll be awesome 1
you’re awesome 2
me: why do i have to be awesome 2?
you be awesome 2
Calvin: cause i’m more awesme
me: or i’ll be awesome 1
you can be awesome 1.1
no i’ll be awesome 1.1
Calvin: 1.1 is more updated then 1.0
me: cuz that means i’m newer and more awesome
Calvin: i’m older
so i get to choose first
me: fine i’m less selfish so i’ll let you
Sam: circle it up sat?

me: ?
u gna be here sat?
Sam: fosho!
me: haha srlsly?
Sam: circle it up!

me: haha shut up ur not coming back
Sam: coming back

circle it up

I want to see

7 08 2009

Anyone want to see these some time after the 13th? :o)







Also, happy buss day to mi mummy! Where would I be without you? Really… :o)

Happy buss day mummy :o)

Happy buss day mummy :o)

Focus 3’s the place to bee!

20 07 2009

So Saturday was our last oikos for the summer. It was bittersweet since it was my last one before I head off to NYC in the fall, but a good time of encouragement. Jullie had us all go around and say something encouraging about the person to our right. It took a while to get around the whole circle, but I almost wanted to go around again and again until everyone was able to say at least one thing about everyone. I feel like we had a good dynamic going in our oikos group this past year, and I genuinely felt like I had at least one nice thing to say about everyone. Therefore, in stark contrast to my last angry entry, I will post a few nice words here about everyone that was there today. I highly doubt that anyone from oikos even reads this except maybe like 2 people, but if you do, you can guess which one you are here and I hope you are encouraged! 🙂 So with out naming names here goes (some are probably more obvious than others):

  • You are definitely one of the hardest workers I know, and I am always inspired by your dedication in all your work. Although we didn’t really get close till the end of undergrad, you have been such an awesome friend to me during that time. Always willing to lend an ear without a hint of complaint, even when it’s the same story I’ve told you for the gazillionth time. I always remember you never ever forgetting my birthday or special dates/holidays, and even the gifts you give me are so thoughtfully chosen. You are also one of the most energetic and grounded people I know. There’s never much that can get you down, and even when you are down, all it takes is one prayer or a few words of encouragement to get you back on your feet right away. Thanks especially for all the words of wisdom, encouragement, and support that you have given me over the past 6 months. Can not thank you enoughhhhh!!
  • I already said yours out loud during oikos, but it never hurts to hear more encouragement, right? Even though I was scared of you when you terrorized the halls of Ridgeview MS with your death stare, I’m glad that I can call you one of my best friends now teehee. Thanks for laughing at all my jokes whether they are funny or not, letting me finish your food most of the time, listening to my babble, etc. There is never an uncomfortable moment with you, and you tolerate and allow me to be my weird butt self to the max. You also may be small, but you are certainly not weak. I am so lucky to have an amazing friend like you! You’re a real gem.
  • I am usually shaking my head at 99% of the things you say and making sure you know it, but I’ll give you credit for a few things. You are definitely a good sport when it comes to all the verbal abuse we throw your way. Also, despite your at times pompous and machismo attitude, I still think you’re a big softie inside. You definitely have your “moments” and those shouldn’t be overlooked, but the ego could still definitely be toned down a bit (which we will of course continue to assist you with…) But in all seriousness, if anything, I think God has blessed you with a servants heart. Always willing to lend a hand with the grunt work without hesitation. It’s also clear that you take care of friends in whatever capacity. Haha should be expected of a friend, but you definitely take the extra step to make sure they know you care. I respect that because it’ s not something that everyone necessarily does. One of my rare moments of kindness to you!
  • Whenever I see you, I see that you are a man that is truly after God’s heart and I have a tremendousss amount of respect for that. I remember serving with you at the first Timothy retreat that I helped out with and just being very inspired and touched by your heart for the students. Now that you’re back to serve at NCFC again, I see how your heart has extended out to the Impact group as well. I’m sad that I won’t be around to see what else God is going to do through you for both ministries. Also, even though you looked at my elementary school picture and asked me if I had a brother, I forgive you.
  • I’ve only known you really for a few weeks with our conversations being limited to fellowship time after church, but even during that short time I have been encouraged by your attendance. I know how hard it must be to continue coming to a church so large where you don’t know many people, but I’m glad that despite the circumstances you still made it out! You’re coooo.
  • The way that God has been working in you the past few years is so encouraging! It is so clear how much the timothy kids love you, and I respect that you take time out of your busy schedule to spend time with them every week no matter what. They’re clearly one of the top priorities in your life, and I’m so touched by the heart that God has given you for the timothy students. You’ve also always, without question, been a gentleman (for example helping to take care of your friend’s flub ups, even when it’s something as big as having to take someone to HC. HAHA, do you remember?) Seeing your faith and dedication flourish over the years has blessed me immensely. Finally, random but I think you’re probably one of the most athletic people I know. Is there any sport you’re NOT good at??
  • As was said on Saturday, you really do have one of the softest hearts of anyone I know. I have never seen you angry, and you’re always up for doing anything. The joy that God’s given you is truly a gift, and contagious as well! I remember specifically hanging out with you and the other guys 4th of July, and I didn’t think it you had that much fun, but when we all got home I remember you saying, “Man I had a GREAT time!!” and I felt so happy for some reason haha. I hope nothing ever happens to taint your joyful heart. Your happiness is a blessing to others as well.
  • Though you are a man of few words, your passion for God is so evident in your actions. You’re always willing to serve when asked, and I can’t tell you how many times God has used you to bless me through worship. You’re also somehow amazingly good at EVERYTHING. Except taboo…HAHAHA. But besides that, I hope your passion for Him never dies. You bless me!
  • Didn’t really get to know you all that well till this past year, but better late than never, right?. Thanks so much for taking the time out to really teach me how to lead worship and provide me with everything I need. Thanks also for listening and constantly pushing me to do things when I was in my slump. You are inappropriate sometimes, but a good friend. I’ve learned a lot from you, and God has truly anointed you with the gift of worship. Thanks dood for everythanggg.
  • Sad that you are leaving for Korea! I’ve never seen you mad either! Always very patient, kind, and optimistic about everything. Such admirable qualities. I’ve been most blessed though by your faithfulness and commitment to Focus and our oikos specifically. Thanks for being an awesome leader. I know God will use you and bless you in Korea! You will be missedd!!
  • Where to begin?? I think that you are one of the kindest, most caring, and gentle people I know. Thanks also for everything you have done for me. Just listening, hanging out, and being a wonderful unnie. It may sound weird, but when you are around I feel very safe and taken care of haha, but at the same time I can always have fun with you. Seeing how quickly you pick yourself up after hardships has also helped me a lot and I admire that a lot about you. Thanks for being a great role model and example of a Godly woman. Love you so much!!
  • Just got to know you this past year, but you are probably one of the most down to earth people I know. Always very welcoming to everybody and trying to get everyone together without excluding anyone. I’m always encouraged by your desire to grow and enthusiasm for oikos! I also appreciate the one “heart to heart” we had over jumbo slice Ahaha.
  • Last, but certainly not least, you are probably one of the most amazing living testimonies I have known to date. Whenever I see how far you have come along in your faith I”m always in awe. I’m also envious of your ability to always keep your head on straight and focus on the important things no matter what your circumstances. For me personally, I’m feel like I”m very weak hearted, so when I see you it teaches me to toughen up and stop complaining about the little things haha. Even before you came to know God He blessed you with a very loving and caring heart. I think one of my oldest and fondest memories of you is when I didn’t even really know you, but it was v-ball tryouts and I was getting a little bit discouraged and tired, but randomly you came up to me during one of the drills and said, “You’re really good!!” After you said that I remember being really happy hahaha. Only a very tiny example of your gimongous heart for others. You put up with my shennanigans daily for 4 years and still continue to do so to this very date. Thanks so much. Where would I be without you??

Okay whew that’s all. I tried to keep each one brief. There’s of course tons more things that could be said about everyone, but I ain’t trying to publish a novel on this thing. I also tried to leave out the incessant amount of smilies I tend to put in my entries. Have a vonderful day everyone! I leave you with pictures of our wonderful group 🙂 (courtesy of Tai of course)



Things I don’t care for

17 07 2009

First thing: FLAKES. Sometimes it’s completely understandable and people have legit excuses for cancelling last minute. Sometimes though it’s like, seriously? Could you come up with a better excuse? Or why don’t people just flat out say no from the beginning so that you don’t have people making reservations for too many people or waiting around forever because YOU and the rest of the world all of a sudden decide not to show up. Then sometimes it’s not really a big deal, but then if it’s something like a birthday or some other significant event, you really can’t just flat out say, “yes” or “no” or take even 5 minutes to see the person? I too, am guilty of flaking many a time in the past, but after planning such and such event and getting frustrated with the guest list, I am resolved to end this flaking business ONCE AND FOR ALL. If you don’t want to show up somewhere, don’t say “YES!” all enthusiastically and then back out last minute because chances are you’re not the only one that did. Just be brave and say, “NO” if you really don’t want to. One person? Ok. Two people? Fine… Three people? What’s going on? Four people? No matter what your excuse, it’s just annoying at this point. Point is, DON’T FLAKE.

Second thing, when people blatantly keep things from you which wouldn’t be a big deal if they just TOLD YOU, but the fact that they actively graze over certain details just gives you reason to raise questions in your mind. I mean, especially when it’s someone you’re supposed to trust. Why you have to hide things?

Unfortunately that’s all I’ll say. I’m just so annoyed and in a terrible mood right now. I apologize that my once every 6 month entry had to be an angry one and also one of those vague ones that actually annoy me when I read them on other peoples pages, but I needed to vent. Thanks wordpress. Goodnight.

Read all about it

10 03 2009

Three news items caught my eye today:

1) Obama overturned Bush’s old policy on stem cells

2) A survey found that America is becoming “less Christian”

3) North Korea threatening to start war if anyone tries to interfere with the satellite they are trying to put in orbit

Will comment on these later. Test tomorrow!

Looking forward to sunnier days

9 03 2009

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this wordpress. I’ve actually written quite a few entries, but didn’t feel like publishing any of them. Anyway, can’t believe it’s March already! Time is flying by so fast, and I’ll finally be completely done with school in a little  over 2 months. All I can say is, FINALLY!!

One thing I’m thankful for lately is the gorgeous weather we have been having this past week. I like winter and bundling up, but the gray skies and constant coldness take their toll after a while. I need sunshine, warmth, and some outdoor time! Absolutely can not wait till the sun starts shining AND it’s warm every single day. Plus the winter makes me heftier. My mentality becomes, ‘I can eat what I want because I’m going to cover myself with thick clothes anyway so no one will see.’ You get in trouble though on those random warm days which I guess serve as reminders that you can’t hide it forever. I’ve been better about it this winter though. Training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler is forcing me to stay in shape, but I think it’s also screwing up my knees. I usually run on the track so that I can tell how much I’m running, but afterwards there’s always some crucial soreness in my knees =/ I’ve been training since January and I’m kind of glad that I signed up. Before, the longest I’d ever run was 3 miles, but last week I finally reached 9! I of course can only do this with either 1 or 2 one minute breaks in between. I have to say that I used to hate running, and I still do a little bit, but while I’m running sometimes it’s just like an instant high (perhaps what crack feels like?) I guess it’s a combination of endorphins and the gratification from exceeding my weekly goal. Feels so good. Plus I look forward to the tasty and perhaps somewhat unhealthy treat afterwards that I tell myself I can eat for running so long 😀

I’d say the hardest part of all the training has been actually getting myself onto the treadmill/track. Before each run and when I start I’m always dreading the amount I’ve set aside for myself to run and how long it’s going to take. Sometimes I don’t think I’m going to make it, but I always make sure that I push myself a little more than the day before at the end. I guess before I could never get past 3 miles because I just didn’t push myself. I was content at 3, thought it was a lot relative to the amount I generally run, and thought running anything more was basically an impossibility. I’m training pretty diligently for this mini marathon but I wish I was this diligent in my own spiritual life. Things have just been dry for a few months now. I think last semester I was growing and then somewhere in the middle of it I just became too content and prideful with where I was and God definitely humbled me. I was “satisfied” with life, but not because I was satisfied with God alone, but because things in life seemed to be falling into place with other things and I kind of squeezed God in. I can always go deeper. There are so many aspects of God and His character that I still haven’t encountered yet, and at times I just get to a certain point and then stop there or just quit all together because I feel like I’ll never reach that far or I almost feel like I’ve gone “far enough”. I guess the challenge now is actually just getting myself back into the routine. It’s not that I forget or I don’t have time, but actually I find myself just thinking about doing it, but then avoiding it for some reason. Sometimes actually I feel like I’m so desperate to be in that “good place” again that I’m just looking for a quick fix. This might explain me avoiding doing QT…there’s a little part of me that’s desperately hoping that doing QT once is going to instantly “fix” me and make me grow. In reality though we all know it doesn’t work that way (usually at least) and I find myself avoiding it all together because I don’t want to be disappointed in the little progress I’ve made. It’s just like training for this marathon. I didn’t get this far in one day; it took me weeks to make this much progress and if I push myself harder who knows how far I can go. I know it’s a decision that I need to just make up in my head; to just keep my eyes and heart focused on Him and Him alone, but I feel like it’s a decision I am faced with and keep having to make every single day and I’m struggling like crazy. Rah anyway, enough writing for today.

On a random note: I miss taking Japanese and Spanish classes. Oyasumi nasai!

Love Letters of Great Men

24 11 2008

Sex and the City lovers, the book has come to life!!!

I want.