Intellectually stimulating conversations during work

14 09 2010


Calvin: no snacks = skinny katie

me: :O

Calvin: is that a nose or a mouth?
me: a MOUTH
Calvin: you always use that a nose
that’s better
me: HAHA that loks funny
lesss dramatic tho
than :O
Calvin: :0O
i like the 0 better
nose isn’t as big
me: i like big nose
Calvin: you like guys with big noses?
me: no
i like emoticons with big noses
Calvin: why is that?
im trying to think about your nose
and if it’s big
me: i dont kno i think it’s cute
my nose is medium
Calvin: HAHA
this convo is awesome
why are we so awesome?
me: i wonder the same thing
Calvin: and have such awesme convos?
i’ll be awesome 1
you’re awesome 2
me: why do i have to be awesome 2?
you be awesome 2
Calvin: cause i’m more awesme
me: or i’ll be awesome 1
you can be awesome 1.1
no i’ll be awesome 1.1
Calvin: 1.1 is more updated then 1.0
me: cuz that means i’m newer and more awesome
Calvin: i’m older
so i get to choose first
me: fine i’m less selfish so i’ll let you
Sam: circle it up sat?

me: ?
u gna be here sat?
Sam: fosho!
me: haha srlsly?
Sam: circle it up!

me: haha shut up ur not coming back
Sam: coming back

circle it up