Things I don’t care for

17 07 2009

First thing: FLAKES. Sometimes it’s completely understandable and people have legit excuses for cancelling last minute. Sometimes though it’s like, seriously? Could you come up with a better excuse? Or why don’t people just flat out say no from the beginning so that you don’t have people making reservations for too many people or waiting around forever because YOU and the rest of the world all of a sudden decide not to show up. Then sometimes it’s not really a big deal, but then if it’s something like a birthday or some other significant event, you really can’t just flat out say, “yes” or “no” or take even 5 minutes to see the person? I too, am guilty of flaking many a time in the past, but after planning such and such event and getting frustrated with the guest list, I am resolved to end this flaking business ONCE AND FOR ALL. If you don’t want to show up somewhere, don’t say “YES!” all enthusiastically and then back out last minute because chances are you’re not the only one that did. Just be brave and say, “NO” if you really don’t want to. One person? Ok. Two people? Fine… Three people? What’s going on? Four people? No matter what your excuse, it’s just annoying at this point. Point is, DON’T FLAKE.

Second thing, when people blatantly keep things from you which wouldn’t be a big deal if they just TOLD YOU, but the fact that they actively graze over certain details just gives you reason to raise questions in your mind. I mean, especially when it’s someone you’re supposed to trust. Why you have to hide things?

Unfortunately that’s all I’ll say. I’m just so annoyed and in a terrible mood right now. I apologize that my once every 6 month entry had to be an angry one and also one of those vague ones that actually annoy me when I read them on other peoples pages, but I needed to vent. Thanks wordpress. Goodnight.




2 responses

17 07 2009

katie i forgot to tell you…i can’t hang out with you because…my imaginary mouse died. sorry!!!!!

…ok but seriously, venting is cool, especially if done vaguely/anonymously (um it’s actually kind of disastrous if it’s not, so good choice). also this was a good reminder to at least try to be courteous, right? i am often guilty of being flaky unintentionally. ❤

29 07 2009

Being on time is for cool kids.

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